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Terms of use

This website has been designed to afford very narrow scope on use notwithstanding the wide coverage of subjects and the available links to reach sub-sites. Your acceptance of the Terms of Use below is mandatory and hence a review of these rules of engagement is recommended.


Whenever we say “we”, “us” or “our”, we mean


The objective of this website is to share ideas and information for anyone and everyone with optional links to the websites of valued supporters and those sub-sites we have been requested and have agreed to host. Out of an abundance of caution and the best efforts to pay the fullest respect of everyone, we retain total control over the decisions to post, decline (to post), remove (what is posted) and/or keep posted of all submissions to us.


By accessing and remaining on this website, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use herein.


The Terms of Use is applicable in the entire Website.  The Website may contain links to other websites beyond which has no role and/or responsibility in any way.


Your privacy must not be compromised in any way. Apart from our design to retain your name and email address only where applicable - we track nothing beyond your historical record of visits, which may be used from time to time to determine news and notices to you.


The governing law is the laws of the Province of Ontario and the conflicts of law applicable therein. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at our sole discretion at any time and from time to time without notice. And your  continued use of this website shall be deemed as acceptance of the modifications.

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