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What is Low Volatility Equity Investing

Recent significant declines in the prices of US technology stocks are evidence of the danger of chasing returns in the stock market. Perhaps the most underappreciated equity names today are those companies paying significant dividends, despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

SEAMARK Asset Management Ltd. offers a Low Volatility Equity Pooled Fund which is especially well matched for those who are nearing retirement age or are already retired. The origin of the fund was to create a mandate that would deliver equity-like returns, but with less severe ups and downs than ‘the market’. To this end, the Low Vol mandate was created in the spirit of meeting absolute markers, rather than volatile benchmark returns. The intent was to enable institutions and individuals to meet their cash needs without the sacrifice of yield that would have arisen from a bond allocation, or generic equity allocation.

Seamark created four key performance indicators (KPI’s), that it believed would get the job done, including:

  1. A targeted dividend yield of 4% for the overall portfolio

  2. To have at least 75% of the portfolio’s companies accustomed to raising their dividends year over year

  3. Targeted dividend increases equivalent to 2 times the rate of GDP growth

  4. Deliver a downside capture less than that of the S&P/TSX Composite Index (i.e. when the stock market goes down, this fund should exhibit less impact that the overall market index)

With eight years of history, the company can now point to many successes for the #SEAMARKLowVolatilityEquity Fund, exceeding each of the mandate’s KPI’s. This has led to SEAMARK making its Fund available to online investors for as low as 7 basis points per month (84 bps per annum*).

For more information, go to

*Investment Counsel fees are subject to HST. Investment Counsel fees are a deductible expense for non-registered monies.



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