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How To Cope In COVID Times

In these COVID times, everything is different. So much has changed, from the way we live, to the way we do business. Face to face interactions have been replaced with Zoom calls and e-mails. We are often chained to our desks at home and unable to socially interact in the office space like we used to. You can no longer have a water cooler conversation, or in my case, meet with clients in person. And I for one, thrive on the in person connection - to be able to see my client sitting in front of me in real life. But now we all settle for the electronic method of meeting and hope that one day everything returns back to ‘normal’.

This idea that a pandemic can potentially change the way we all do business for a long time can be daunting and even a little bit depressing. So during these stressful times, it is vital that we take stock of what this period in quarantine has taught us. I thought about three main benefits that have helped to keep me going when the going gets tough:

  • I HAVE BETTER QUALITY CONVERSATIONS: In a strange way I love that there is a time limit when I speak with people. I find that I am able to contribute and connect in a deeper and more meaningful way because I know that I only have a particular moment to make the best of our time together. I look forward to and enjoy interacting with different people at all times of the day where our sole purpose is to focus on specific goals and each other.

  • I SPEND MORE FOCUSED TIME ON MY TASKS: If you have been distracted by workplace banter or activities that don’t concern you, you can choose to be hyper focused on tasks during times when you are uninterrupted, as most meetings now have to be scheduled.

  • I DON’T TAKE ANYTHING OR ANYONE FOR GRANTED: I take time to appreciate that I am still able to work, still able to produce and still able to see my clients, despite the pandemic. I fully appreciate and respect that not everyone has this ability during trying times and I do my best to show gratitude for everyone, every single day. I also value people like never before because sometimes there will be circumstances that prevent us from being in the same space, so now no matter where I am, or how I am able to speak with someone, I see it as a privilege to get to communicate at all.

Think about things you have learned and three things that you are grateful for through this time in quarantine. Remember that you can grow, shift and change for the better no matter what is happening around you. Personal freedom and happiness is a choice.



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